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Fresh French Fries

4 portions


First of all, your choice of potato will determine the success of your French fries. Best is to use potatoes for French fries that are large and hard. Peel the potatoes and rinse them carefully. Even more important is to dry the rinsed potatoes thoroughly with a clean, dry kitchen towel. Now cut the potatoes into sticks and dry them again carefully.


Fresh French fries are always fried in two phases:
1. Pre-cooking (to cook the fries)
Turn the thermostat of the deep fryer to 150°C-170°C (depending on the season and the kind of potato) and wait for the oil to reach the desired temperature.
As soon as the control light turns off, bake the fries for approximately 5 minutes (depending on the thickness of your fries). Remove the basket with the fries from the fryer and put it next to the fryer, of pour the fries in a bowl.
2. Actual frying (this gives the fries their nice golden brown colour and makes them crispy)
Turn the thermostat to 180°C and wait for the oil to reach the desired temperature. Wait for the control light to turn off and bake the fries a second time for approximately 3 to 4 minutes (depending on the desired colour). Put them in a bowl lined with fat absorbing paper.


Always use good quality frying oil. If you have a FRITEL deep fryer equipped with the TURBO SF® System, you can also use solid grease to fry.
Never leave the basket with fries above the oil after the first baking, otherwise the fries will go soft. NEVER fry two different products (e.g. fries and croquettes) at the same time. Change the oil (or grease) after +/- 10 fryings.
Fill the basket to a maximum of 2/3. When frying larger quantities, the result will be less crispy.