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Meat fondue

4 portions


1 l fondue oil 
800 gm meat (steak, veal , fricandeau, chicken fillet, meatballs, turkey fillet)
If desired: mushrooms, paprika, onion


Cut the meet in cubes of approximately 1 1/2 cm and display them type by type on a nice plate. Serve the chicken in a separate bowl. Cut the paprika and the onion in pieces. Take your FRITEL fondue - fill with maximum 1 l oil and heat to 180°C. When the oil is at temperature, you can prick the meat (and vegetables) on the fondue forks and immerge them into the oil.


Always use fondue oil (often aromatised with thyme, rosemary and bay leaves).
Never use frying oil or olive oil to make a fondue.
Afterwards you can sieve the oil and use it again later.