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West Flemish Waffles “Lukken”



1/2 kg of white sugar
1/2 kg of flour
1/4 kg of real butter: melt
2 eggs


Put the flour in a bowl, make a well in the center and pour in the melted butter and eggs.
Add the sugar and knead from the outside in to a homogeneous dough that can rest overnight in the refrigerator.
Use the FRITEL Combid evice with 16x28 baking trays. Let the baking plates become very hot, put the butter in the molds, put some dough in the iron, close tightly and let the wafers bake for 2 minutes.
Allow the wafers to cool before serving.


Did you know
In West Flanders, this delicious delicacy is baked mainly on New Year’s day.They are served as a lucky charm for the coming year.
Keep the wafers in a well-sealed box.


Baking plates for waffles 16x28